Sunday Night November 3

Sunday Night November 3

Sunday Night delivers one of it’s most prominent stories yet when host Chris Barth becomes reporter for a story close to her heart.

A Man Named Don
This Sunday, host Chris Bath presents a very special report on a man named Don. Devoted husband of almost 50 years to his wife Maureen, Don loves his daughters and his grandkids. But Don’s life changed forever on April 9, 2009 when he suffered a stroke. Don is Chris Bath’s father. Every 10 minutes in Australia, someone has stroke. It’s the second biggest killer in the country, but 80 per cent of strokes are preventable. This story is deeply personal for Chris, who is going public about her family’s private struggle because she’s fed up with the lack of support offered to stroke victims and their families. She also highlights the work being done on the other side of the world by two pioneering Australian doctors transforming stroke rehabilitation and offering hope to thousands of survivors. Chris delivers her wake-up call to the government about the real effect of strokes in this emotional and brutally honest report.

Once the most hated woman in the world, blamed for the break-up of The Beatles, Derryn Hinch meets the feisty and very opinionated Yoko Ono. In a rare and very revealing interview, Yoko opens up about rock ‘n’ roll’s most famous love story. Her colourful and very public affair with John Lennon was mocked by Beatles fans around the world. Now, more than 30 years after his assassination, Yoko tells all about their extraordinary secret bond, the couple’s alienation from music’s most successful band, and the night John Lennon was shot dead.

Mark Donaldson
At 15, Mark Donaldson’s father – a Vietnam veteran who’d returned from war with PTSD – passed away. Four years later his mother was murdered. The case has never been solved. Not surprisingly, grief-stricken Donaldson went off the rails, becoming a punk and a drunk on the streets of Sydney, even disrupting an ANZAC dawn service. In 2002, to get his life back on track, Donaldson joined the army. Two years later he was accepted into the SAS, and around the same time, he met the love of his life. The remarkable turnaround was completed in 2008 in Afghanistan, when this former delinquent repeatedly put his life on the line to save his mates in a bloody battle with Taliban fighters. The incredible bravery he showed was rewarded with the Victoria Cross, and Mark Donaldson was the first Australian in 40 years to receive this honour. On Sunday Night, reporter Ross Coulthart meets this proud soldier and devoted father.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.



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