60 Minutes November 3

Here’s whats ahead on 60 Minutes this  week.

Sleeping Giant

Mountains aren’t usually known for their role in making and preserving history. But when Mount Vesuvius erupted two thousand years ago – it did just that. The volcano’s downpour of ash was so quick it destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii and caught its people in a moment in time. However, the destructive power of Vesuvius is not consigned to the history books. Today, it threatens the city of Naples – home to three million Italians. They know that when Vesuvius next explodes, there will be very little warning.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Gareth Harvey


In Their Footsteps

Tim Jarvis is one of the world’s most fearless adventurers who recreates great exploits of the past. He strides out bravely in the footsteps of Scott, Mawson and, now, Ernest Shackleton. Tim’s challenges are painstakingly authentic right down to the awful food and the ancient clothing worn by his historical heroes. And like so many giants of the past, he’d rather die than fail.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Nick Greenaway


Saving Petra


Tucked away in a hidden valley in Jordan, is one of the wonders of the world. Carved into a mountainside, Petra, has survived for two and a half thousand years. Its popularity soared off the back of the Indiana Jones movies but, now, the “Rose City” has become too popular for its own good and archaeologists fear it will be lost forever. Luckily, there’s a Jordanian Princess who’s making it her life’s work to save Petra.


Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Stephen Taylor




It’s been four years since Australia lost the much loved and respected Professor Chris O’Brien. It was a cruel twist of fate: the life-saving cancer surgeon became a cancer victim. Even in the final stages of his life, Chris never gave up on his grand vision for a world-class, cancer centre. Next week, The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse will be officially opened and 60 Minutes was given an exclusive first look.

Reporter: Peter Overton

Producer: Ali Smith

8:30pm Sunday on Nine