Sunday Night November 24

Sunday Night November 24

Sunday Night has  a very special guest Florence Henderson.

A sacked air hostess, a mounted police officer guarding the Governor General – an incredible story of murder, torture and intimidation. This remarkable international investigation by Sunday Night reporter Ross Coulthart involves an explosive confession letter, allegations of love and betrayal, a dramatic trial in a South African court, and confrontations with the two Australians at the centre of it all. Once the case is examined, the former air hostess agrees to sit down for a powerful interview to answer the accusations that she led a murderous gang who terrorised staff at her father’s restaurant. She says she will fight any attempt to have her extradited to face her accusers.

Mark Donaldson VC
Earlier this month, we brought you just a taste of Mark Donaldson’s incredible life story. On Sunday we bring you our full report on the tumultuous life of this remarkable man. A teenage tearaway, Donaldson’s life changed forever following the tragic disappearance of his beloved mum when he was 19. She was presumed murdered and the case was never solved – a burden Donaldson carries to this day. Now, he’s a decorated war hero, having been awarded the Victoria Cross medal for Australia for his efforts fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Find out how one man managed to turn his life around from personal tragedy to become a father, a husband, and an Australian hero.

Growing Old Disgracefully
Dollar-90, Sargeant Sel, B-B Rizzle and the other members of the Hip Operation crew reckon they’ve found the secret to eternal youth: NEVER act your age, even when you’re 94 (and four months). These tough-talkin ‘, crotch-grabbin’ street dancers are possibly the world’s only geriatric hip-hop group. They joke that each dance could be their last, so they’re making every one count. Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam follows this infectiously upbeat group for one wild trip to the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. PJ also catches up with a famous face living up to the ‘never act your age’ motto – 79-year-old Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson. Back in her Brady Bunch days, the Brady matriarch was sweet as pie – but as PJ discovers, Florence has now put Carol Brady to bed!

Sunday, November 24 on Seven at 6.30pm.


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