60 Minutes November 24

60 Minutes November 24

60 minutes this week has a world exclusive with Conrad Murray.

World Exclusive: Off the Wall
Conrad Murray is the man who killed Michael Jackson. He was also Jackson’s personal doctor, who was paid $150,000
a month to keep his star patient healthy. In 2011 a jury found Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter,
convinced he gave the pop star a lethal dose of Propofol, a sedative usually only used in surgery. Conrad Murray spent
two years in prison for his crime and has just been released. This Sunday for the first time he tells his story about what happened that night, and reveals surprising thoughts on Michael Jackson’s controversial life.
Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Phil Goyen

The Somerton Man
We all know that fact is stranger than fiction and that’s very much the case with this story. It’s the true tale of espionage, a love affair and murder – that wouldn’t be out of place in the movies. The year was 1948. Communism and democracy were wrestling for world supremacy. The nuclear arms race was in high gear. And there were spies everywhere, even in Australia. Against this sinister backdrop, an unidentified body was found on Adelaide’s Somerton Beach – the so-called Somerton Man. Now, 65 years after he was buried, there are moves to exhume him, in an attempt to finally solve this lingering Cold War Mystery. This Sunday, 60 Minutes will reveal for the first time the identity of the mysterious nurse who was romantically linked to the Somerton man, and talk to the woman who claims she’s the Somerton Man’s granddaughter.
Reporter: Charles Wooley Producer: Steve Jackson

Gentle Giants
They’re the biggest fish in the ocean – and one of the biggest targets for fishermen around the world. The whale shark is massive, magnificent and on the brink of extinction, but in a tiny corner of the Philippines, man and shark have come to a unique compromise. Fishermen who used to hunt this marine giant, now protect it – reaping a financial bonanza from tourists. And everything was going swimmingly, until a group of Western environmentalists showed up.
Reporter: Allison Langdon Producer: Gareth Harvey

Finnan’s Legacy
What should have been the happiest time for Olympic gold medallist Alisa Camplin, turned into tragedy two and a half
years ago. She and husband Oliver became proud first time parents, but baby Finnan was born with congenital heart
disease, and despite his extraordinary will to live, died after just ten days. Alisa and Olly were inconsolable. They were also inspired by their son, and determined to make his short life meaningful. Today Finnan’s legacy lives on with a wonderful charity that donates money and medical equipment to the Melbourne Hospital which looked after him. And there’s some good news for Alisa and Olly – they’ve had a baby girl!
Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Stephen Taylor

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


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