Sunday Night November 17

Sunday Night November 17

It’s an interesting mix of stories for Sunday Night this week.

Twice Bitten
Fisherman Greg Pickering was underwater in one of the most remote areas of the country, 30 meters from shore but hundreds of kilometres from help, when a Great White Shark snapped its jaws around his skull and wouldn’t let go. Greg, a father of four, is the only man in the world to be attacked – in separate incidents – by sharks and live to tell the tale. And what a story this is. How he used his experience as a diver to hold his breath and rise to the surface slowly despite the water turning red from the blood pouring from his horrific injuries. Once aboard his boat his life was saved by a quick-thinking mate who used a roll of tape to hold his shredded face together. It would be another eight hours until he would reach hospital. Less than six weeks after the attack, reporter Mark Ferguson takes Greg back to the location where he came face to face with nature’s most deadly killing machine.

JFK’S Homecoming
On November 22nd, 1963 the world changed. John F. Kennedy was in Dallas travelling in the presidential motorcade when he was shot dead by a sniper. This Sunday, exclusive footage you have never seen. The Kennedy daughters for the first time speak intimately about the events leading up to and surrounding one of the most infamous moments in world history. Before his assassination JFK returned to Ireland, where all four of his grandparents were born. He vowed to visit again, but never made it. On Sunday Night, cameras are rolling for his family’s emotional return to Ireland to honour the fallen President.

Love Actually
To some people, he will always be Mr Darcy, but this week Colin Firth is far from proper as he sits down with friend Nicole Kidman for an interview with a difference. It seems the on screen romance between the pair is matched perfectly by their off-screen chemistry. In this fun, flirtatious interview the pair let their guard down to discuss everything from Hollywood nude scenes to Nicole’s singing. The pair has starred in their first film together and it’s sparked a trend, with two more in production.

Patricia Cornwell
She’s the undisputed Queen of Crime: Patricia Cornwell’s books have sold more than 100 million copies. In this in-depth interview, Cornwell opens up to Sunday Night’s Ross Coulthart about the inspiration behind her dark novels, including her early real-life experience as a victim of crime. She also reveals her own personal crime-solving obsession, having spent more than $6 million of her own money in an effort to solve one of the world’s most notorious unsolved crimes.

Sunday, November 17 on Seven at 6.30pm.