60 Minutes November 17

60 Minutes November 17

60 Minutes has a few interesting stories this week

Space Oddity
44 years after man set foot on the moon, we’ve almost got a bit blasé about space travel. Astronauts, once galactic rock-stars, have all but disappeared from public view. But then Chris Hadfield came along. He’s been to space three times – including 6 months as Commander of the International Space Station. Chris dazzled kids and adults alike with his youtube clips of space experiments and before coming back to Earth, he recorded a breathtaking music clip that’s made him the greatest space salesman of all time. Come along for the ride as Chris Hadfield talks about soaring over the Australian outback, recording David Bowie’s famous hit, and opens up about his role in the Columbia disaster.
Reporter: Michael Usher Producer: Phil Goyen

Life after Death
As science and technology rapidly advance, we’re being faced with greater ethical dilemmas. Now it’s about life after death. You see, there’s a 36 hour window after a man dies, when his sperm remains viable, and if extracted, can be used to conceive a baby. You need a court order to retrieve the sperm, and then a Judge needs to approve its use. Liz Hayes has just met two women desperate to have children to their dearly departed. It’s the new frontier of reproductive technology, but one our courts, and our conscience, are yet to resolve.
Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Hannah Boocock

Lucky Betty
There’s no one in the world quite like Betty Klimenko. Her life began in the grimy cell of a Sydney police station. She was born dependent on drugs, abandoned by her biological mother after just seven weeks. Then Betty was adopted by a holocaust survivor. His name was John Saunders, and along with Frank Lowy, started the giant Westfield shopping empire. These days Betty is a tattooed billionaire, with a passion for V8 racing cars. So strap yourselves in, for one heck of a ride!
Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Stephen Taylor

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


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