Sunday Night May 22

Sunday Night May 22

This weekend Sunday Night has four stories that will inform and move you.

Build It and They Will Come
He’s the Queensland science teacher who heard a higher calling, left Australia to take his message to a bigger audience and who’s wound up building the biggest timber-framed structure on earth: a massive recreation of Noah’s Ark. Standing seven-storeys high, nearly 200-metres long, using 10 kilometres of timber and costing more than a hundred million dollars, Ken Ham’s vision has become a project of Biblical proportions. In doing so, the former Brisbane science teacher is now one of the most powerful and polarizing religious leaders in the United States of America. Ken Ham’s critics label him a fanatic selling a mind-bending view of world history; his supporters believe he is a modern day messiah. This Sunday Night, reporter Steve Pennells takes us deep inside America’s Bible belt and into Ken Ham’s dream build to meet the man convinced the world is only 6000 years old, evolution is a fraud and that Noah really did usher all those animals onto his Ark two by two. We’ll meet Ham’s fervent supporters like the controversial county clerk Kim Davis who – famously or infamously, depending on your view – refused to sign same-sex marriage licenses. And we’ll hear from Ham’s staunchest critic, Bill Nye the Science Guy, who is determined to challenge and debunk the religious leader’s teachings at every turn.

Headline in the House
It’s not for nothing that Derryn Hinch is known as the Human Headline. In his professional life – and his private life – he’s generated more than his fair share. Now at the sprightly age of 72, and after decades of challenging politicians and their flawed policies, he’s decided he wants to become one himself. Senator Hinch. In his own words, Derryn has “jumped the shark in moving from journalism to politics”. But while he has a prominent public profile as a man who’s prepared to stand on principle, like all potential politicians, his every word will be closely scrutinized, his every move closely watched. Who better to keep the wannabe Senator honest than another veteran broadcaster, Sunday Night’s Mike Willesee. In an Australian television first, the two old foes finally go head to head. For the past two weeks Sunday Night has been on the campaign trail with the Justice Party leader, culminating in an interview where nothing is off limits.

Get After ‘Em
The need for speed sits deep within the Brabham clan’s DNA. First the legendary Sir Jack, then Geoff, now Matthew Brabham is taking on the world on four wheels. Next week, Matt lines up with some of the most accomplished racing drivers in the world for America’s grand motor race. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen caught up with the baby Brabham in Indianapolis and found that for Matt, it’s not so much about the prize money; it’s about the family name being back on the winners’ podium. Can he win the storied race in its 100th year? Many think he can.

Saving Australia Diet: The Check Up
In a week where frightening reports about an explosion of Type 2 diabetes in Australia’s poorer suburbs – even claims by experts that amputation factories will need to be built in Western Sydney to cope with an emerging 300,000-plus T2 sufferers – our Saving Australia Diet volunteers are well into the challenge to turn their lives around and turn back this dangerous and deadly disease. Sunday Night’s PJ Madam checks in and gets the results so far. They will astound you.

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