Masterchef loses a much loved cook

Masterchef loses a much loved  cook

Last night Masterchef served up a heartbreaking elimination.

After losing yesterday’s mirror the menu team challenge, Karmen, Chloe, Con, Elise, Heather, Charlie, Miles, Jimmy, Theresa and Nidhi faced an elimination challenge.


In round one, the contestants had to choose a core ingredient to create a raw dish in 30 minutes. Nidhi chose cauliflower and made a mixed salad. Theresa chose pear and also made a salad. Chloe, Jimmy and Heather chose scallops, while Miles and Con opted for tuna. Charlie went with berries and Elise veal.

The judges questioned Miles’ mayonnaise and asked if Nidhi would have enough on the plate to impress. Con’s tuna dish was a standout, and Chloe, Charlie, Heather, Elise and Karmen were safe.


Jimmy narrowly avoided the bottom three, leaving Theresa, Nidhi and Miles now with 60 minutes in round two to cook a dish with their core ingredient. Miles prepared tuna tataki with a salad and eggplant. Theresa planned poached pear with ice cream, and after the judges challenged her to elevate the dish, added a crumbed element, and syrup.

Nidhi made a cauliflower platter of Indian flavours, but Gary questioned whether her potato batter was crispy enough.

Theresa had a frantic end to her cook, only managing one scoop of ice cream and forgot her syrup until it was too late to get in on the plate.

The judges loved Miles’ perfectly cooked tuna dish. They thought Theresa’s pear was poached well, but missed the syrup and wanted more ice cream for balance. They liked Nidhi’s cauliflower paratha, but not the potato, which was undercooked.

With Miles safe, it was between Theresa and Nidhi, and with more positives on Theresa’s plate, it was Nidhi’s time to leave

Nidhi is planning to launch Nidz Kitchen where she will cater in people’s homes, and would love to have her own home delivery service featuring different cuisines, and one day, a  restaurant