Sunday Night May 18

Sunday Night May 18

There’s one thing not to be missed on Sunday Night and that’s Coldplay.

The House of Horrors
Michelle Knight’s ordeal is impossible to comprehend – more than a decade of torture, rape and captivity. But just one year since her miraculous rescue with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, in a Sunday Night exclusive, Knight takes us inside her former prison and the mind of a monster. That monster was Ariel Castro — the school bus driver who kidnapped her, held her hostage in his house in Ohio for 11 years, made her pregnant five times and beat her into miscarrying five times. He tortured her mind and body daily and chained her up without washing for months at a time. He told her no one was looking for her and, heartbreakingly, he was right. How she survived it is unfathomable — even more so since she has revealed the horrific details in a tell-all book — but somehow this incredible woman has pieced her life back together and this Sunday she invites Channel Seven’s Sunday Night to share that terrible but inspiring journey.

They are one of the world’s most popular yet mysterious bands – revolutionaries of music but little seen. This week Sunday Night has a world exclusive interview with the boys from Coldplay and will reveal spine-tingling footage of the first performance of their new album. The world of music is clamouring to hear Coldplay’s sixth studio album “Ghost Stories” – and Sunday Night has the honour of revealing it first. Released under the cloud of Chris Martin’s marriage breakup from Gwyneth Paltrow, the man himself sets the record straight with the brutally raw and frank lyrics that reveal everything. Don’t miss this.

The Boy from Wagga Performing Miracles in the Desert
Aussie dad Andrew Harper used to muck around in the dust growing up in Wagga Wagga. Today, this extraordinary father of two performs miracles in the Jordanian desert. What Andrew has achieved averting the greatest humanitarian disaster since the Second World War is the stuff of legend. He has saved countless lives building from scratch the largest planned refugee camp in history to house the daily flood of Syrians crossing the border into Jordan. This weekend on Sunday Night Andrew takes reporter Steve Pennells on a tour of the camp – which he has transformed into the most advanced refugee sanctuary in the world for 130,000 victims of war who have walked for days to get there. Two thirds of those arriving are children fleeing the war. They’ve been bombed, shot at and chased, but once they reach Andrew and his camp, they are safe and can even return to school. A story to make us all proud.

7:40 PM Sunday on Seven


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