60 Minutes May 18

60 Minutes May 18

This weekend Ricky Martin and a story on The Forgotten Girls make for interesting viewing on 60 Minutes.

There’s something about Ricky Martin. As one of the world’s most successful entertainers, he’s blessed with a spellbinding passion and energy that few can match. He’s sold millions of albums and earned millions of dollars. But getting there wasn’t easy. It’s taken years of dedication and hard work for the boy from Puerto Rico to make it to the top. Along the way, he’s faced some extraordinary challenges – the toughest being his decision to tell the world he was gay. Since that day, Ricky Martin’s life has blossomed, becoming a father to two beautiful boys and achieving even greater musical success. This Sunday, Ricky Martin speaks from the heart about his personal demons and his family. Liz Hayes gets swept up in Ricky’s world, from his home in Puerto Rico to South America’s biggest musical festival in Chile, and one thing is for sure, he’s more popular than ever.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

The Forgotten Girls
They screamed but no one heard them; vulnerable girls who were neglected, beaten and abused by men who were supposed to be caring for them. Parramatta Girls Home in Western Sydney was run like a prison camp for teenagers, who were rounded up and judged by authorities to be in moral danger. But whatever those dangers may have been, there’s no doubting the terror and torment that was in store for some girls inside this Government Institution. For more than four decades, the victims of that systemic abuse have kept their silence – cowered by fear and shame. Now, those vulnerable young girls are strong women with their own daughters and granddaughters. This Sunday, they take Tara Brown back to the derelict building that was meant to save them, to confront their fears head on. It’s an extraordinary act of courage as they pursue justice against their abusers.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Laura Sparkes

Sunday 8PM on Nine.


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