Sunday Night May 12

This Week on Sunday Night we get some more ABBA stuff.

Five hundred flights a month will deliver over one million Australians to the United Arab Emirates in the next year after Qantas changed airline partners and long haul routes. One of the most popular tourist spots, Dubai, is being promoted as a luxury high class paradise in the desert – but the reality is brutally different. Aussie Alicia Gali knows. The 31-year-old’s life was changed forever when she took a job in the UAE with one of the world’s biggest hotel chains. She was using her laptop in the staff bar one night when her drink was spiked. She passed out, and woke to a nightmare beyond belief. She had been savagely raped by three of her colleagues. Injured, scared and alone in a foreign country, she took herself to hospital. What Alicia didn’t know is that under strict Islamic law being raped in the UAE is a crime. She was charged with having illicit sexual intercourse outside of marriage, and thrown in jail for eight months. Australian diplomats could have saved Alicia, but did nothing. Back in Australia, more government bureaucrats pressured Alicia’s mother and family to stay quiet and not make a “fuss”. The UAE is one of Australia’s biggest trade partners in the region. Now, finally home and struggling to move on with her life, Alicia speaks out for the first time. Reporter Ross Coulthart also speaks to the English girl jailed for kissing a male friend on the cheek in a UAE restaurant. The exclusive shocking story every Australian traveller must watch.

The secrets behind history’s greatest survival story revealed for the first time. When their plane crashed high in the Andes in deep snow, it’s a miracle that anyone lived through it. Forty footy mates, their friends and family, and five crew, lost in the wilderness when the plane came down. Seventy two days later, only 16 would be left. In freezing conditions of minus 30 degrees, surrounded by a blanket of ice, snow, avalanches and massive cliff faces – how they managed to stay alive has fascinated the world for the past 40 years. It’s been the subject of Hollywood movies, best-selling books and numerous documentaries. Now, Sunday Night reporter Alex Cullen returns high into the Andes to re-visit the crash site, unearth a final mystery, and interview three of the survivors – including the bravest who took the decision, and uttered the words, that saved their lives: “let’s eat the pilot”.

The response to Sunday Night’s ABBA special last week was overwhelming. The country rocked along to the old classics and Agnetha’s heart-warming story, sending ABBA album sales back up to the top of the charts. This week, we take you behind the scenes on our shoot with the reclusive Agnetha Faltskog as she records her first original music in 25 years. Fans wanted more and we’ve listened. Reporter and crazed fan Rahni Sadler brings more amazing ABBA memories to Sunday Night.

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.


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