Sunday Night March 9

Sunday Night March 9

This Week Sunday Night has another story on INXS and much more.

Ghost Island
Once the most crowded place on the planet, suddenly in 1974 every inhabitant disappeared – forced to leave quickly. For the past 30 years Hashima Island off Japan’s south coast has been off limits, a curious public denied access to any part except the landing stage. Little bigger than the MCG, this mysterious place was home to more than 5000 coal miners and their families for over 80 years. They were well paid, every square metre of the island filled with towering apartment blocks. This speck in the South China Sea was the home to doctors, teachers and shopkeepers – then it was abandoned. Closed to the outside world for decades, the island is a snapshot in time; everything is as it was when the last boat left. Two years ago part of the island was used for the James Bond movie Skyfall, and now Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam has been given exclusive access to all parts of this island of ghosts. The vision captured is eerie, captivating and extraordinary.

Almost three million Australian’s cranked up the volume and sang along in their living rooms to our Sunday Night INXS special a fortnight ago. The special event show sent the band’s timeless hits back to the top of the charts, and we have been swamped ever since with requests for an encore performance. So, by popular demand, Sunday Night brings you fresh unseen vision of the band and their families today, including more amazing music from the band’s back catalogue.

No Brainer
Join Sunday Night for an intensely personal journey with one of Australia’s toughest and most talented football players as he participates in a groundbreaking study to learn if a career of hard knocks has left him with permanent brain damage. What he finds out about himself, and the results of new Australian and international research on concussions and dementia, is a sobering lesson that every parent needs to know before they send their child out to play contact sport.

Robert Redford
One of the biggest names in the history of Hollywood, Robert Redford has seen and done it all – acting for more than 50 years, directing for more than 30. In this exclusive interview with Sunday Night’s Ross Coulthart, Redford reveals why he’s gone back in front of the camera again for his role in a new movie, All Is Lost. In his career Redford has been a leading man to all of tinsel town’s most famous and beautiful film stars, he’s credited with ‘discovering’ talent such as Brad Pitt, and he shuns the limelight away from the film set. Redford has sage advice for today’s brash young starlets, and why he has sympathy for the way they are forced to live their lives.

Sunday, March 9 on Channel Seven at 8pm.


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