Getaway March 8

Getaway has a fun filled episode planned for this weekend.

Big Brother favourites Tim Dormer and Tahan Lew-Fatt spent three months living in the Dreamworld Big Brother House, constantly fantasising about running amok in the theme park just beyond their temporary backyard. In this week’s episode of Getaway they’re given a free pass to explore all the thrills and spills Dreamworld and White Water World have to offer.

Dreamworld is home to the “Big Eight” – some of Australia’s fastest and tallest thrill rides, and Tim and Tahan brave them all. They take on Pandamonium, Tower of Terror II, The Cyclone, The Giant Drop, Wipeout, The Claw, Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster and Buzzsaw, which is the highest upside-down ride in the Southern Hemisphere.

If dizzying rides aren’t your thing, they also showcase some more subdued but equally exciting options. Like Tiger Island, the largest interactive tiger facility in the world, which gives visitors a rare peek at tiger cubs Ravi and Baru in action. It also makes an important contribution to the conservation of tigers in the wild by raising funds through various tiger interactions on site.

Tim and Tahan wrap up their big adventure at Dreamworld’s sister park, White Water World, an impressive water playground with 30 thrill slides, wave pool, surf school and special precincts for toddlers.

They get an adrenaline rush from the HydroCoaster, described as a “roller coaster on water”, and The Wedgie, which lives up to its title as Tahan discovers. As riding waterslides all day is tiring, Tim and Tahan earn a well-deserved recovery at the park’s luxury cabanas, which boast deck chairs, couches, an iPod dock, mini refrigerator, and a service staff member for your cabana.

Join Tim and Tahan for an afternoon of thrills and spills at Dreamworld and White Water World this Saturday.

5:30pm Saturday on Nine