Sunday Night March 30

Sunday Night March 30

This week Sunday Night has Jamie Oliver creating fireworks and the heart warming story of a very special kid.

Sunday Night takes you to the most dangerous and amazing firework spectacular in the world. Once a
year in a small Mexican town, for nine crazy pyromanic days, the greatest fireworks celebration on the
planet can be seen from space. This year, the injury toll from this must-be-seen-to-be-believed event
was 499 plus one Australian – new Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock, who needed hospital
treatment on his first assignment. Imagine doing the notorious ‘running with the bulls’ event in the
middle of a continuous explosion and it doesn’t come close to describing what happens in Tultepec,
the craziest place you will ever see. Everyone in the town makes fireworks – by hand. Wives sift
mountains of gunpowder with their bare fingers, fathers light massive rockets by hand. The only aim is
to create the biggest and the best display at the National Pyrotechnic Festival – some of which last up
to seven hours. You will never watch Australia’s New Year’s Eve celebrations the same again!

A frazzled mum struggles to juggle her three excited kids outside dance class while picking up her
daughter. Distracted for a moment, her four year old son Kya runs off towards the road. His brother Calyn,
seven, takes off after him. Kya bursts between two parked cars and straight into the path of a 4WD with
bull bars mounted on the front. The car is travelling within the speed limit, around 60km/h, and there is
nothing the driver can do to avoid hitting the little boy. He slams his foot on the brakes and the screeching
tyres alert everyone. What happens next has changed the lives of so many people present that day – and
is one of the most courageous and inspiring stories Mike Willesee has ever reported. Calyn doesn’t
hesitate – he dashes onto the road and pushes his little brother sideways out of the way, taking the full
impact of the car himself. The next few minutes, then the hours and days that follow, are touch and go for
Calyn. First tearful parents and passers-by at the scene find superhuman strength to lift the heavy car off
Calyn’s crumpled body. Then paramedics perform roadside miracles to keep him alive until he reaches
hospital. While he faces months of rehab, Calyn has one constant companion by his bedside every single
day – his doting little brother Kya, who calls him his “superhero”. The climax to this story on Sunday Night
will have you bursting with pride; it’s not to be missed television.

The world’s most popular and controversial chef is in Australia to cook up a storm – and he’s asked
Sunday Night to help him stir things up. Join Rahni Sadler on the road with Jamie Oliver. The man with
the boyish charms, who took on the British government and succeeded in overhauling stodgy school
dinners, is returning here to persuade Aussies to change their supermarket shopping habits. What he has
to say, and what he wants us all to do, will get everyone talking.

8 PM Sunday on 7.