60 Minutes March 30

This week 60 Minutes has just  2 stories this week.

Flight MH370
Three weeks ago, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from civilian radar. Something or someone caused two different location devices to be switched off. Minutes later, it disappeared from military radar. We now know that Flight MH 370 flew for another 7 hours in the opposite direction from its scheduled destination and crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, 2500 kilometres from Perth. Was it terrorism or a suicidal pilot? Did its crew and passengers perish on board, turning it into a ‘ghost flight’ that flew unmanned into a vast ocean? Nothing about the flight makes sense – and nothing will bring comfort to those whose loved ones were on board. This Sunday 60 Minutes speaks exclusively to the Australian families of the victims of Flight MH 370, as they describe the agony of not knowing what happened to their loved ones for 18 days. It’s the very real and raw human face of this international tragedy.
Reporter: Charles Wooley Producers: Gareth Harvey, Alice Downey

The Portland Murders
This Sunday on 60 Minutes the crucial breakthrough in a 23 year old double murder mystery. On the afternoon of Friday, May 3, 1991, two women were stabbed to death inside a hair salon, in the Victorian coastal town of Portland. It was broad daylight, on a busy afternoon, yet the killer has never been caught and, for more than two decades, this unsolved crime has haunted the town. Now, a new witness has come forward and new evidence has emerged. It’s led Police to dust off the cold case file and begin taking new statements, DNA samples and re-interviewing old witnesses. They have a new prime suspect and you won’t believe who it is.
Reporter: Allison Langdon Producer: Lincoln Howes

7:40pm Sunday on Nine.