Sunday Night March 17

Heres  the rundown for this week on Sunday Night.

It is a haunting image frozen in time that shocked the world over. A snapshot from a CCTV camera showing a toddler in a busy shopping centre hand in hand with one of his killers – who was just 10 years old. It’s now 20 years since two-year-old James Bulger was murdered by the two schoolboys who lured him away from his mother, but the case is still making headlines. In this major Sunday Night investigation we reveal secret tapes that were not played at the trial, that were hidden from the watching world.

The voices of the Year 5 schoolboys who brutally murdered James are spine chilling as they confess to what they did. Now both 30 years of age, their identities have been hidden and protected for life by the British government. One of them, named Jon Venables at the time of the crime, is now applying for parole after being convicted of pornography offences after he was released. James’ mother Denise tells Sunday Night why he is pure evil, and why she’s determined to face him at his parole hearing. Derryn Hinch also speaks candidly with the detective who arrested and interviewed the killers, and why he doesn’t believe the punishment fit the crime.

He’s the human smash repairer who every ‘Bloody Monday’ rebuilds faces after the carnage of the weekend. On Sunday Night, meet the remarkable man they call the Face Doctor. Anthony Lynham, a jaw and face reconstructive surgeon, is faced with a waiting room of broken faces every week. Innocent victims of the drunken violence police struggle to contain in towns and cities across the country. Dr Lynham is now going public, fronting a campaign to make politicians toughen up and back his answer for ending the violence. He’s simply had enough and he won’t go away until they listen. Meet one of his patients, Annette. A young Brisbane mum, she was bashed with a steel pole in a random attack in the middle of the city. She returns to the scene where it happened and delivers an emotional message to her attackers.

Jon Bon Jovi gives rock a good name. This week Sunday Night has unprecedented access to the ultimate rock star at his best. In this deeply personal interview he reveals his shock after his daughter’s drug overdose last year, and explains how it devastated his family. Jon has been voted the planet’s sexiest man over and over, but as Alex Cullen finds, he’s more than just the front man for one of the world’s most successful bands. After 30 years of creating anthems that have rocked generations, you’ll learn that Bon Jovi the band is far from a democracy. Jon is very much in charge – and he isn’t afraid to tell you why. Hear the truth about Livin’ on a Prayer, and why he never dreamed it would be a hit. Join Sunday Night for all the drama backstage leading up to the band’s massive US concert.

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