Ali And Samuel Eliminated From MKR

Ali And Samuel Eliminated From MKR

Tassie’s favourite best friends Ali and Samuel keep smiling as they exit the MKR kitchen. 

Class clown Samuel and his best friend Ali lost their mojo in the kitchen tonight to end a disastrous week for Team Tassie in the My Kitchen Rules competition.

Nominating himself head chef and teammate Ali as sous chef, larrikin Samuel said: “If I stuff up, don’t sue the chef” as they started preparations for their three-course meal.

Serving an entrée of polenta with flathead and red capsicum salsa; a main of masterstock lamb with brussels sprouts and steamed buns; and a pistachio and almond tart with orange ice-cream for dessert, the team didn’t use their time in the kitchen wisely.

The judges were underwhelmed by their entrée, with Karen Martini saying: “The raw red capsicum just doesn’t work for me.” Liz Egan agreed and suggested it would’ve been more successful if they’d roasted the capsicums.

While the judges all agreed the fish was cooked beautifully, Manu Fieldel questioned why they added vinegar to their polenta. “The salsa and the polenta were the letdowns for this dish,” said Pete Evans.

Struggling in their prep time, Ali and Samuel only put their lamb into the pressure cooker with 40 minutes remaining on the clock and as a result it was not a success with the judges’ palates. Their steam buns flopped and so did they.

“I’m walking out the kitchen feeling a bit deflated,” said Samuel. “This is not how I imagined the dish to look like at all. We can only hope that the flavours are there.”

But they weren’t. “That’s not braised meat, it’s ruined meat,” said Liz.

Colin Fassnidge questioned if it was a joke. “My time is quite valuable and I’m not eating any more of this because it’s a waste of my time. If you put this up in many homes in Australia you’d be marched out of home.”

But Ali’s dessert was their shining star.

“The ice-cream is sensational,” said Guy Grossi. “It has that lovely richness in its base with lovely cardamom and orange flavours through it.”

“I’m so glad to see a great dish come from them,” said Karen. “It’s a redemption for them as I think they’ve struggled all night in the kitchen and yet they’ve finished with a really strong dessert.”

Scoring a disappointing 26 out of 60 for their menu, they were beaten by Victorian housewives Angela and Melina’s Italian-themed menu on 34/60.

“I’m absolutely gutted,” said Samuel of the verdict.

“We’ve met some of the most amazing people and had some of the world’s most fantastic advice from you guys (Pete and Manu) and learnt to love cooking even more,” said a tearful Ali. “The highlight for me was our second instant restaurant; we did ourselves and our cooking justice.”

On Monday night, the remaining teams head to Australia’s biggest race day, the Melbourne Cup. But it won’t be all frocks and fascinators for our teams – they’ll be cooking canapés for the prestigious Emirates Marquee’s A-list guests.

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