Sunday Night March 15

This weekend  Sunday Night has the Little River Band and Great White Sharks 

Lonesome Losers
Sunday Night goes inside the music industry’s most bitter feud. Australia’s Little River Band was once one of the biggest groups in the world with hits including Reminiscing, Cool Change and Help Is On Its Way. But as members came and went the famous name changed hands and the original band members were left with little more than memories. In fact, there’s not a single member of the original Little River Band line up in the Little River Band that performs today. The question left for fans is; will the real Little River Band please stand up? Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler sits down with the current and former members to find out how LRB lost its identity.

Is It Safe?
If your loved one was attacked and killed by a shark would you want to come face to face with the creature? That’s the question Sam Young answers when he joins a team of fishermen and scientists on a quest to tag and track large tiger sharks off the coast of Queensland. Sam’s brother Zach was mauled by a tiger shark near Coffs Harbour two years ago. He’s been invited by the US shark tagging organisation, OCEARCH to join their expedition. In 2013, Sunday Night went to sea with OCEARCH tagging great white sharks off Cape Cod in north eastern USA. This is their first trip to Australia where they hope their real-time tracking technology can be used to help us know when large sharks are near our beaches. In an action-packed story, Alex Cullen rides with the shark taggers – and finds out whether this technology can actually save lives.

7pm Sunday on Seven.