60 Minutes March 15

60 Minutes March 15

This weekend 60 Minutes  has murder, David Warner and a lost paradise.

Catching a Monster
He’s considered Australia’s worst paedophile, and for four years Peter Scully was on the run. He thought by hiding out in a remote corner of the Philippines he was beyond the reach of the law. But Scully was wrong. In this exclusive report, 60 Minutes has been given unprecedented access to the international investigation for this terrifying criminal. Joining the Australian Federal Police and special agents in the Philippines on their global manhunt, our cameras were there when Scully was finally caught. Now, behind bars, and facing multiple charges, Tara Brown comes face to face with our country’s most depraved predator. What he has to say for himself will leave you stunned.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau

Saving David Warner
David Warner is Australia’s most polarising cricketer. As a child growing up in a housing commission estate, Warner dreamed of playing for his country, but just 18 months after smashing his way into the Australian side he almost threw it all away. This Sunday on 60 Minutes he takes Peter Overton back to where it all began and opens up about the two girls in his life – fiancée Candice Falzon and their baby daughter Ivy Mae. He talks candidly about the punch-ups, the twitter tirades, the on-field sledging, and the woman he credits with saving him.
Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Garry McNab

Bikini Atoll
Bikini Atoll is a paradise lost. This tiny spec in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is beautiful beyond belief, with turquoise waters, luscious fertile lands and incredible sea life. But for 12 years it was the site of the world’s worst ever nuclear testing regime. Now, more than 60 years on, Bikini is once again a Garden of Eden, but just like the biblical garden, its fruits are forbidden. Everything there is contaminated and the island is a ghost town. Allison Langdon journeys back in time to this ancient atoll and dives deep on the seabed where both untold, and unsettling, treasures lie in wait.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Nick Greenaway

8:30pm Sunday on Nine