Sunday Night March 10

Sunday Night March 10

Sunday Night has an investigation into the death of model Phoebe Handsjuk, The rescue of Alain Delord,e and Tim Minchin. 

Chute to Kill
They were quite simply the perfect glamour couple. She was a young and beautiful Melbourne model, close friends with international supermodel Jess Hart. He was her handsome older boyfriend who did business with Kylie Minogue and Paris Hilton. The couple had plans to travel to Paris for Christmas – so just how did Phoebe Handsjuk come to die after plunging 12 storeys down the garbage chute of his luxury apartment building? Experts say she could not possibly have climbed in herself. So was she thrown down to her death? The first police report claimed Phoebe had taken her own life, but it didn’t add up. Now her family want answers, but her boyfriend doesn’t want an inquest. The mystery of Phoebe’s final hours revealed by PJ Madam on Sunday Night.

Operation Miracle Rescue
This is the incredible never before told inside story of the lifesaving mission to rescue Frenchman Alain DeLorde from the raging Southern ocean. The solo sailor had capsized 5 times – he was one wave away from death. Just how rescuers pulled off the impossible and plucked him to safety after a nail-biting 52 hour mission is nothing short of a miracle. The week on Sunday Night, the full story is told by the very men and women who made it all happen. From a very grateful Alain to the Hercules pilot and skipper of the cruise ship that turned round and was guided to the tiny bobbing raft in the middle of a giant ocean during a terrifying storm. This is a story to make you proud.

Jesus Christ Superstar
He’s Australia’s most successful comedian – hitting the big time overseas. Tim Minchin is edgy, whacky, very controversial and now a superstar in London. The private school boy from Perth opens up in this exclusive interview with Ross Coulthart about how he felt when Australia turned its back on him. Now he’s wowing audiences around the world with his controversial stance on religion. A staunch atheist who says ‘religion is bollocks’ is now the surprise lead for Jesus Christ Superstar. The music is awesome, instantly recognisable, and there is an unplugged exclusive performance from Spice Girls singer Mel C

6:30 PM Sunday on Seven


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