60 Minutes March 10

This week 60 Minutes features a touching love story, Tony Abbott and we take a look at Iraq ten years on. 


For Better or Worse

After 50 years together, you’d think Bill and Gladys Forward had seen-off all life could throw at them. That was until Gladys was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 8 years ago. Gradually, Bill has come to care for Gladys more and more, and today, he does everything for his wife. But it’s not just what Bill does that’s so inspiring – it’s the way that he does it. Theirs is a remarkable story of love, commitment and a most unusual bicycle.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Hannah Boocock

Tony Abbott

We’re still 6 months out from election day, but if the polls are to be believed, Tony Abbott is destined to be elected Australia’s 28th Prime Minister. After coming so close three years ago, the “new Tony” is determined to win this time, and is going to great lengths to convince us he’s a changed man. Even his gay sister is speaking out, to endorse the new and improved Tony Abbott – a 21st Century man who can admit the mistakes of his past. And while blood runs thicker than water it’s still a hard act for her to sell.

Reporter: Liz Hayes

Producer: Lincoln Howes


Iraq Ten Years On

It’s been ten years since we followed America into war with Iraq. It was a war based on a lie – that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction and it cost more than a hundred thousand lives. So was it worth it? Michael Usher has just spent a week in Iraq – asking the locals that question, and what he found was a country still at war. Car bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations are a daily threat. The terrorists are as active as ever. But among it all, are normal families, trying to get on with life and a little boy who gives us hope for the future of Iraq.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producer: Stephen Rice

Sunday 7:30 PM on  Nine

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