Sunday Night June 30

Sunday Night this weekend has two stories.

Home Invasions.
How far would you go to protect your home, your family or maybe even a neighbour?

We all like to think we’d do the right thing. But what if that act of heroism ended up in a murder charge?

On Sunday Night this week, you’ll meet a man who saved a young mother from a vicious robbery, killing the intruder in the ensuing struggle. The local community praised his efforts. But rather than being celebrated, this Good Samaritan nearly ended up in jail.

As Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells discovers, our justice system isn’t sure how to react when citizens take the law into their own hands.

Fletwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac is as famous for its dysfunction as it is for its many decades of hits.

Romantic and professional relationships within the band have broken down and blown up – often very publicly.

But through it all, Fleetwood Mac has kept on going its own way.

The recent departure of one of its biggest stars Lindsay Buckingham seemed certain to spell the end. Yet Fleetwood Mac is keeping the dream alive with a new front man – New Zealand’s very own Neil Finn – and a world tour that’s filling stadiums.

Sunday Night reporter Rahni Sadler returns with this fascinating glimpse behind-the-scenes and reveals how the man from across the ditch brought the Mac back from the brink.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.