2019 Gold Logie Countdown – Tom Gleeson

He spent 2018 campaigning for Grant Denyer to win the Gold, but now it’s Tom Gleeson’s time to shine.

As a comedian, Gleeson has a surprising start, having graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics. During his university days, he played drums and sometimes sang vocals in the band The Fantastic Leslie, before switching the drums for comedy in 2000.

His first television role came in 2003 when he appeared on Channel Ten’s comedy sketch program skitHOUSE, playing various characters, the most popular of which was the Australian Fast Bowler (a parody of Dennis Lillee). As well as regular comedy spots, he was named Australia’s Brainiest Radio Star in 2006, and appeared as a panelist on the short-lived Big Brother’s Big Mouth in 2008.


In December 2007, Gleeson was one of the names to entertain the Australian troops on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, sharing his experience in his book ‘Playing Poker with the SAS: A comedy tour of Iraq and Afghanistan’, published in 2008.


From 2007-2011 he was a regular panelist on The Morning Show, as well as also appearing on the likes of Sunrise, Good News Week, Thank Go You’re Here, Rove, Studio 10, She Me The Movie! The Project, and Hughesy, We Have A Problem.


2012 saw Gleeson appear on The Unbelievable Truths as well as Can of Worms. He was also announced as the host of The Beer Factor on Go!. The following year saw him take on hosting This Week Live, alongside Tommy Little, Dave Thornton and Mesehl Laurie, which featured discussions of topical subjects, guest on the panel and pre-recorded interviews and skits.


Since 2014 Gleeson has appeared on the ABC satirical news program The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, hosting the segments ‘This Is What You Think’ and ‘Hard Chat’ where he grills politicians and celebrities. The segment was so popular that the ABC gave him is own quiz show – Hard Quiz – based on the format, which went to air in 2016. The show has been a runaway success and will return for a fourth season later this year.


2019 is the first year that Gleeson has been nominated for a Logie, and he’s gone straight to the top with a Gold nomination, as well as Most Popular Presenter. He was successful in getting Grant Denyer the Gold last year, but will he be able to get it for himself this year?