Sunday Night June 22

Sunday Night June 22

Sunday Night has  an incredibly  moving story on living your life to the fullest, an update on conjoined twins   Trishna and Krishna and the results from the medical cannabis. 


Sharn is a beautiful and vivacious children’s nurse who has dedicated her life to helping others. Her  biggest dream was to become a mum, until last year when she was diagnosed with a debilitating and  incurable disease that will see her life cut short. Her husband Russell is a paramedic, he saves lives every day. But what he can’t do is save the one life that means the most to him. But this isn’t a sad story, what  you will see on Sunday Night is the most uplifting display of human spirit imaginable. Determined to make  the most of their time together, the couple embark on a journey to tick off Sharn’s bucket list. Fighting on  as the disease gradually grips her body, our cameras have been following Sharn for more than a year.  With her army of friends rallying behind her – Sharn enters the Ironman race, a dream she thought she  might never accomplish. The emotional and dramatic scenes as her friends tow, push and carry her over  each leg of this incredible race will break your heart. Join us at the finish line this Sunday Night.


Conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna’s brave fight for survival captured the hearts of every Australian five  years ago. We held our breath along with their adoptive mother, Moira Kelly, as they underwent the  ground breaking surgery to separate the skull and brain tissue that joined them. The girls’ survival was a  medical miracle, and their incredible story of courage against all odds made headlines around the world.  But, just wait until you see them now! Trishna, who has made a remarkable recovery and is about to start  school, dotes over her sister Krishna and helps her every day to get stronger. In an emotional Sunday  Night exclusive, the miracle twins reunite with their birth mother again and see their father for the first  time since their incredible surgery. Then we reveal the heart-warming moment Trishna and Krishna meet  the newest member of their family – we’re there for the birth of their little baby brother.

Australia’s reaction to our medical marijuana story was extraordinary. Parents acting out of love for their children, but being treated like criminals. Threats to lock them up, and take their children away. This  Sunday, join the campaign to change the law and legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Your chance to make a difference, and see the staggering results of our nationwide poll.

8PM Sunday on Seven