60 Minutes June 22

60 Minutes June 22

60 Minutes this week looks at parents finding cures for their kids and a look at  World War 1

Parent Power

A parent’s love knows no bounds, especially when a child is diagnosed with a deadly disease. But what lengths would you go to if the disease was so rare that pharmaceutical companies saw no profit in developing a cure? Well, more and more parents of desperately sick kids are taking matters into their own hands. Armed with passion and the power of the internet, they’re bringing urgency to the usually glacial pace of drug discovery. This Sunday, Michael Usher talks to one Australian couple whose son and daughter have developed an ultra-rare fatal genetic disease. They’ve found a cure and established a medical trial, only to face the impossible decision – which child will they save?

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producers: Lincoln Howes, Jo Townsend

The Assassin

Gavrilo Princip fired the deadliest shot in history. One bullet that richoted around the world and defined the course of the 20th century. Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914, triggering the beginning of World War One and the unprecedented carnage that would follow. Sixty thousand Australians would make the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle. This week marks 100th anniversary of the Archduke’s assassination. Charles Wooley revisits the exact spot where the world changed forever and meets the assassin’s family, who claim he’s a hero.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Nick Greenaway

8PM Sunday on Nine


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