Sunday Night July 7

This weekend Sunday Night focuses on Australian crime.
Black Widows
They’re Australia’s real life black widows. Melissa Shaw and Michelle Burgess looked for all the world like ordinary suburban housewives. But in reality, they were ruthless femme fatales who manipulated the men in their lives to commit murder.

Michelle Shaw lived a double life on the Gold Coast. She pretended to be a God-fearing wife and mother. But she was actually a part time prostitute with a string of lovers. When a wealthy businessman fell for Michelle she hatched a diabolical plan to take his life and his money.

Michelle Burgess also yearned for a better lifestyle than her husband, Darren could provide. She seduced Darren’s boss and recruited another of her many lovers to become her personal hitman.

In a gripping investigation, reporter Michael Usher discovers that these women are not only evil; they are completely without remorse for the lives they have shattered.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.