Sunday Night July 26

Sunday Night July 26

This weekend Sunday Night farewells Chris Bath and a lot more.

Chris Bath presents her final edition of Sunday Night.

Chris helped launch Sunday Night on February 8, 2009. She’s presented and reported for Channel Seven’s public affairs flagship ever since. Sunday Night marks its 220th episode on Sunday.

Sunday Night will feature a retrospective of Bathie’s memorable, best-loved moments as our foundation host signs off. Well-wishers are already chiming in on social media. On Twitter, videos and messages from celebs and fans are rolling, using the hashtag #BathieFinale.



True crime author Debi Marshall didn’t plan on spending her life writing about serial killers and investigating some of Australia’s most brutal unsolved crimes.  That career path was thrust upon her when the man she loved and intended to marry was murdered. Mike Willesee reports on how Debi launched her own investigation and tracked down and confronted a man she considered the prime suspect. She remained resolutely on the case but it would take more than two decades and another cold-blooded murder in her home state to finally get justice and put a killer behind bars for a very long time.



It’s an idyllic pocket of our country that wants nothing to do with Australia. In fact residents are so angry with the Federal Government many openly talk about their hatred of Australia and describe efforts to cement them into the national fold as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘bloodless genocide’. And into this seething hostility strides a bloke who has got no time for the tearaways. This former Howard Government hard-man and shock-jock wants them all to pull their heads in, join the rest of us and get on with it. It’s not going to be easy. The place is arguably the most un-Australian community in Australia. The community proudly flies its own flag, has its own age-old customs, even its own language. They also field their own Commonwealth Games team and celebrate their own day of discovery.  But after decades of governing themselves, the islanders are facing an Australian takeover, the local parliament abolished, the chief minister sacked, the residents forced to pay Australian taxes.

9:30 PM Sunday on Seven