60 Minutes July 26

60 Minutes July 26

60 Minutes this week has a lot of stories for your entertainment.


It’s hard to remember life before smart phones and tablets, and with WI-FI and 4G the internet is everywhere. Technology is embedded in our work and play, and has become the essential part of our lives. But as this 60 Minutes report discovers, you can have too much of a good thing. “Internet Addiction Disorder” is now a genuine psychological illness. It’s ruining lives and even changing the way our brains process information. Worse still, experts are seeing dangerous signs in toddlers.

Reporter: Michael Usher Producers: Phil Goyen, Grace Tobin


Most Aussies think of Fiji as an idyllic holiday destination with palm trees, white sand and crystal blue waters. But health services are so basic for the locals, that curable diseases routinely go untreated. The tragic result is that many children die before they become teenagers. However, there’s a group of Aussies whose idea of a holiday in paradise is to mend broken hearts. 60 Minutes spent a week in Fiji with these inspirational volunteer Australian doctors and nurses who are saving the lives of dozens of Fijian kids.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producers: Stephen Taylor, Luke Blair



The story of Elon Musk is almost too incredible to believe. He’s an engineer and entrepreneur worth more than 15 billion dollars. He backs himself and his high-risk ventures, which invariably earn huge profits. First there was PayPal, the way to buy and sell on the internet. Then Tesla, the electric supercar he built. And SpaceX, the rocket company NASA uses – not bad for a 44-year-old guy. As Ross Coutlhart learns, Elon is not stopping there and his next venture is truly out of this world: the colonisation of Mars. If Elon Musk reminds you of Tony Stark – Ironman – you’re right, because he is also the inspiration behind the Hollywood superhero.

Reporter: Ross Coulthart

Producer: Steven Burling

 9:30 pm Sunday on Nine


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