Sunday Night July 24

This weekend Sunday Night focuses on one man Carl Williams.


Carl Williams was a baby-faced, cold-blooded killer one of the most violent criminals Australia has ever known.

His lust for power triggered Melbourne’s gangland war that left more than 30 dead.

But Carl Williams’ reign of terror ended when he was jailed for murder in 2005.

And his life ended ignominiously five years later when he was bashed to death by a fellow prisoner.

The Carl Williams story was over … or so we thought.

Now, in a major investigation, Sunday Night has gained access to his jailhouse computer. Inside are documents and personal letters containing explosive revelations and confessions. Among them, Williams reveals why he became a callous killer. But the diaries also reveal another side to this notorious gangland figure; Carl the family man.

And for the first time, his 15-year-old daughter, Dhakota, and step-daughter, Breanane, share a very different side of their infamous dad.

In a remarkably candid interview with reporter Steve Pennells, Dhakota, Breanane and their mother Roberta open the door on a secretive world. They tell of a doting, loving dad … but are also remarkably frank about his horrible crimes.

This SUNDAY NIGHT Major Investigation  airs on Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.