60 Minutes July 24

60 Minutes July 24

This weekend 60 Minutes has a few different stories.


Sometimes greed is so consuming it blocks out all human reasoning and logic. How else can anyone explain Adeel Khan’s actions? Two years ago, Khan, 46, deliberately blew up his Sydney convenience store so he could claim $225,000 in insurance. The blast was so destructive the two-storey building crumbled to the ground and three innocent lives, including an 11-month-old baby, were lost. That Adeel Khan thought he could get away with the crime is as outrageous as the act itself, and next week this evil man will be sentenced for murder, manslaughter and arson. But no amount of prison time will be long enough for the grieving families of those he killed.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau


It should have been a triumphant week for Donald Trump, but despite being formally nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate to take on Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential race, the New York billionaire faced some serious embarrassment. As a result, instead of being a showpiece of conservative politics, the 2016 Republican National Convention will more likely be remembered for chaos and farce.  To try to help re-unite the party, Trump announced that the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, would be his Vice-President if he made it to the White House.  It was considered a smart and safe choice until they sat down for an extraordinary interview with American 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl. It’s a revealing insight into what life might be like with a President called Trump.

Reporter: Lesley Stahl (CBS 60 MINUTES)

Producers: Richard Bonin and Ruth Streeter


That memorable tourist slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is particularly apt for Human Nature. You remember Human Nature? The Australian boy band of the 1990s, four high school mates with a passion for pop harmonies. Well, the boys became men, and in 2009 Toby Allen, Phil Burton and brothers, Andrew and Mike Tierney, decided to chance their luck in the toughest entertainment town in the world, Las Vegas. For their first show they sold eight tickets, but now, seven years on, they sell out every performance, and by staying in Vegas, Human Nature are transforming “sin city” into “sing city”.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic

Producer: Gareth Harvey

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