Sunday Night July 20

Sunday Night July 20

This weekend Sunday Night has Cannabis a bionic dad and The Bayden Clay case gets another story.

Cannibis Criminals
Little Cooper Wallace has severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Five weeks ago his brave mum and dad, Rhett and Cassie, tearfully told the country on Sunday Night how they’d been forced to become criminals to source cannabis oil to treat their son’s violent seizures. They pleaded the case for medicinal cannabis to be legalized – showing how it had totally transformed Cooper’s life. Hospital doctors agreed, placing cannabis oil on Cooper’s medical notes and even supervising its use. Our nationwide poll, with almost 3 million votes, showed 96 per cent of Australians support the need for legal medicinal cannabis. But what happened next will shock you — Victorian Police raided the family’s home seizing all of Cooper’s life-giving medication. Rhett and his heavily pregnant wife were fingerprinted, interviewed and photographed and their son left to go ‘cold turkey’. A little boy’s life hangs in the balance and we track down the police commissioner to see just what he has to say. Sunday Night has the exclusive interview.

Bionic Dad
Matthew Ames is one of the most extraordinary Australians you will ever meet – he’s also about to become our very first bionic man. Last year, Sunday Night told the story of how the Brisbane father-of-four suffered toxic shock when his body was attacked by the common streptococcal bacteria. On the verge of death and in an induced coma in intensive care, Matthew’s devoted wife Di had to make the impossible decision to amputate all four limbs to stop the bacteria spreading through his body. Doctors weren’t sure Matthew would cope when he woke up to discover he had no arms or legs – but what they didn’t know at the time was that Matthew is the one man in a million who could not only cope, but thrive. His tragedy didn’t stop him from caring for his four children and wife. But now, for the first time, he has the chance to reclaim some of what he lost. What we can learn from this remarkable family and what they have coped with – thanks to their love for each other – is a gift we can all share.

Australia’s Most Evil Husband
Allison Baden-Clay loved her husband and the three gorgeous daughters they had together. She was the Good Wife – beautiful, smart and funny. Everyone thought her marriage to Gerard was picture perfect. But as we learned this week, she was in fact married to Australia’s most evil husband. Shortly before he murdered her, Allison was tipped off about his affair with a woman at work. Three days later she began writing the most extraordinary secret letter – a letter not shown at her husband’s trial. In this letter from beyond the grave, revealed in full for the first time, Allison reveals everything she knew about the secret double life of the lying, cheating, abusive husband she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Plus, her best friend tells Sunday Night’s Chris Bath about the ‘Allison Dickie’ she knew and loved.

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