60 Minutes July 20

60 Minutes July 20

60 Minutes  this week focuses on The Bayden Clay Case.

The Wife Killer
Gerard Baden-Clay tried to portray himself as ‘Mr Middle Class’ – a successful small-businessman, proud father and loving and devoted husband. But the real Gerard was the complete opposite. He was an incompetent real estate agent whose business was hemorrhaging money; he was intolerant with his three young daughters and he was a womaniser who wasn’t even faithful to his long-term mistress. But why Gerard Baden-Clay thought all his problems could be fixed by killing his beautiful wife Allison, only he knows. So far he’s not saying, but after being convicted of murder, he now has a lifetime in prison to think about it. This Sunday 60 Minutes takes you inside the extensive police investigation which led to Baden-Clay’s prosecution.

Tara Brown meets the forensic and detective team who painstakingly put together a circumstantial case so strong, the jury had to convict.60 Minutes also talks to a witness the jury never heard from, a woman who was asked by Gerard to kill his wife.

The other woman in all of this, Gerard’s mistress of 4 years Toni McHugh, reveals a darker side to Gerard not seen before, of a man so busily trying to spin his way through personal and professional turmoil, that he lost all concept of right and wrong.

And Allison’s best friends pay tribute to the woman they say was a loyal wife, loving mother, beautiful daughter and caring friend.

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stephen Taylor, Jo Townsend, Grace Tobin

8pm Sunday on Nine .