Sunday Night August 31

Sunday Night August 31

This weekend on Sunday Night has Miley Cyrus, Russia’s  dangerous roads  and the secret life of an escort.


Imagine the most lawless roads on earth – filled with the worst drivers imaginable. It’s a recipe for disaster and carnage, and a reality in Russia where 30,000 people die in road accidents each year. Throw in a culture of bribery and corruption amongst traffic police and you get close to what it’s like driving a car there. It’s everyone for themselves as etiquette takes a back seat to aggression and rev mania. But there is a new Russian revolution taking place, started in Moscow and spreading across the country, and it’s changing behaviour and saving lives. Almost four million Muscovite motorists have joined the uprising and mounted video cameras in their cars. These dashcams constantly record and capture everything – from the most spectacular and heart-stopping smashes and near misses, to road rage, crimes in action and even random acts of unbelievable kindness. Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock splashes out on a soviet-era Lada and takes to the road to experience first-hand what it’s like being behind the wheel on Moscow roads. What he discovers, and what drivers are doing to protect themselves and their much-loved vehicles, could teach us a thing or two in Australia.


She’s currently the most controversial entertainer on the planet – and when she gives a rare exclusive interview she doesn’t hold back. And this week on Sunday Night, Miley Cyrus most definitely doesn’t hold anything back! She makes headlines wherever she goes, and controversy, shock and hysteria follow in her footsteps. At 21 she’s only just able to drink alcohol in most US states, but Miley has already clocked up a long celebrity career that began with her TV role as Hannah Montana. Her fans have grown up with her as this farm-loving teen from the burbs of Nashville has morphed into an international superstar and girl power role model for a generation of young women. It’s a fact reporter Chris Bath went into this assignment not sure she would take to Miley – but by the end of their time together Miley had revealed some of her most revealing secrets  and Chris was a firm fan with a genuine respect for a smart and savvy woman who is no one’s fool . From nudity to drugs, her romance with Aussie Liam Hemsworth to twerking and everything else, her brutal honesty is refreshing. If you’ve never much been interested in Miley Cyrus then don’t miss this exclusive – it’s guaranteed to surprise.


This is a remarkable story about secrets and desire. It will fascinate most, shock many and perhaps anger a few. It’s about the secret life of a pretty Sydney mum who volunteers in the tuckshop of her kids’ school.  She’s a very successful career professional with a public profile. But some afternoons, once her day job is over, she drives to her secret city apartment and becomes someone entirely different. She becomes Samantha, an $800-an-hour escort entertaining mostly married men, many of them pillars of the community. From businessmen to bankers, policemen to politicians – she listens to their problems and the state of their marriages. This week on Sunday Night, Samantha “X” is revealing her secret and her identity. She has worked with many of Australia’s most recognisable faces in the world of journalism and entertainment, and they will be surprised to discover her secret double life. Samantha is coming out because she has written a book about her why a well-to-do mother-of-two lives two lives. It cost her a marriage and her relationship with her parents who no longer speak to her, but according to ‘Samantha’ it’s also won her support – and, perhaps surprisingly, from her female friends. Now she says she can help many married women by revealing what it is that makes their husbands stray.

8:45 PM Sunday on Seven


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