Kara Departs The Bachelor

Kara Departs The Bachelor

Another Bachelorette bit the dust last night.

The quest for Blake Garvey’s heart came to an end tonight for law graduate Kara, 24, when The Bachelor failed to give her a rose.

Blake took Kara aside for a private farewell before she left the mansion for the final time. While holding her hands, Blake told Kara: “You are an amazing woman. You might not be the amazing woman for me, but you’re going to find someone.”

Kara was uneasy going into the Rose Ceremony as she felt there was a lack of connection and stilted conversation between her and Blake earlier on the group date.

Kara said: “I still haven’t had a single date so I don’t know where I stand in terms of a connection with Blake. Conversations with myself and Blake should always run smoothly and I walked away not being overly happy with the way it went.”

In contrast, a strong connection with pharmacy training officer, Zoe, 25, was evident during her romantic single date tonight with The Bachelor. After many kisses, laughs and deep conversation, Blake offered Zoe a rose, securing her place in the mansion for another week.

After her departure Kara said: “No one wants to get rejected. You can’t force a connection that’s not there. It’s not fair to keep me there if he doesn’t feel something for me.”

The Bachelor Australia. airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Ten.


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