Sunday Night August 3

This weekend Sunday Night looks at murder and follows up on the prison break story from a few weeks ago.

Murder My Husband
Chris Soteriou thought he had the perfect life. A beautiful wife, three kids and a booming career. That is until he was a victim of a truly senseless crime. On the night of his 44th birthday, Chris and his wife Vicky were walking back to their car when Chris was stabbed multiple times, his throat slit and left for dead in an alley. All he could think about was his loving wife of 18 years and their beautiful daughters. Chris woke from a coma weeks later to learn it was his wife who had led him to his death. The woman he thought he knew had been living a double life, using his money to entertain other men with hotels and expensive wine, and even fund his own demise. He was a victim of a terrible betrayal, but that night Chris was also incredibly lucky. Two doctors were walking by and saved his life, but the discovery of his wife’s betrayal would turn his life upside down. With the police closing in on their suspect it was only a matter of time before the truth came out — that Vicky had convinced her lover to take her husband’s life. But in this special Sunday Night investigation, we reveal just how long her plan had been in place. Reporter Rahni Sadler speaks to Chris and his family about how this despicable act has changed their lives forever, and driven a wedge between a father and his daughter.

The Great Escape
A career criminal. A beautiful librarian. The ultimate prison escape. Last week in our Sunday Night exclusive interview with bank robber John Killick, he revealed for the first time how he orchestrated his infamous helicopter prison escape with girlfriend Lucy Dudko. The pair spent 45 loved-up days on the road, running from police and relishing in John’s freedom. But in reality, they were headed for separate prison cells and parole restrictions that would see them separated for over 30 years. But their love affair didn’t end there. In part two of our story, Killick reveals the 4000 love letters the pair exchanged while locked away, and what he intends to do the day the law allows him to see Lucy once more.

 8:15 PM  Sunday on Seven