Crisis and Enlisted head to ONE

Crisis and Enlisted head to ONE

One is about to get some new content after the Commonwealth Games.

The US series Crisis which stars Rachel Taylor and Gillian Anderson consists of just 13 episodes.

Ballard High School educates the children of Washington D.C.’s most eliteCEOs, international diplomats, political power players and most notably the president’s son. Disaster strikes when the students set off on a field trip and their bus is ambushed on a secluded rural road. The students and their chaperones are kidnapped, resulting in a state of national crisis. The country’s most influential diplomats and business people now find themselves at the mercy of a vengeful criminal mastermind. They don’t know  who to turn to or who they can trust. As a result, the kidnapping of their children grows from putting the involved families at risk, to placing the safety of an entire nation in jeopardy.

Wednesday 8:30 PM ON One

Meanwhile US army comedy series Enlisted will return with the final five episodes of the series/ on Thursday Nights.

The series returns with episode 9 of 13 which aired in the US in March.

“Paint Cart 5000 vs. The Mondo Spider”

Second Lieutenant Tyson Schneeberger fools the platoon into acting as dummies for his experimental automobile, “Mondo Spider”. The crew are unaware of the Lieutenant’s ultimate plan and the “Mondo Spider” has its victims dashing for the latrine. Pete does his best to try and rescue them.

Sgt. Major Cody selects Derrick to take his self-portrait. A seemingly straight forward job proves tricky, Sgt Major Cody has ulterior motives and turns out to be a very difficult subject.

7:30 PM Thursday August 7 on One