Sunday Night April 3

This weekend Sunday Night has two must-see stories this weekend.

Justice for Baby Chloe
What would you do if you left your child with a babysitter and two days later she was dead? What would you do if the babysitter was charged with child homicide and was later acquitted? And what would you do if an inquest later found that your 10-month-old daughter most likely died because of the babysitter? You’d want justice. But for Melbourne parents Anthony and Kat Murphy, that may never happen. It’s now been six years since their baby Chloe died. Six years since a precious night out together ended with them rushing their daughter to hospital with what turned out to be massive – and fatal – brain damage. Three weeks ago the final chapter in Chloe’s very short life was written. The coronial inquiry heard from nine expert witnesses, who all gave testimony leading the coroner to conclude that, on the balance of probabilities, the babysitter caused the fatal injuries. But under our legal system, the prime suspect will most likely never be brought before a court of law again. In this special Sunday Night investigation, Denham Hitchcock speaks exclusively to Anthony and Kat Murphy about their fight for justice and hears compelling evidence from one of the key experts who has no doubt who was responsible for baby Chloe’s death.

The Honey Badger’s Top Adventure
He’s as well known for his quirky one-liners as he is for his ability to sniff out a try. But the man who fires off his zingers quicker than a rat up a drainpipe has a side to him that will greatly surprise. For football superstar and Olympic Sevens hopeful Nick Cummins has a very personal goal in his life: to help two of his seven siblings battle a terminal illness and to be a loving son to his dying dad. To do that, the man they call the Honey Badger has taken dad Mark and two of his brothers to one of the wildest and most beautiful places in Australia – the Kimberley. It’s been high on his dad’s bucket list so for a week they sampled the wild delights of our remote north west. But amongst the fishing, the swimming and the high jinx, Sunday Night guest reporter Simon Reeve witnessed great moments of love and tenderness between a father and son who know their time together is fast running out.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.