Sunday Night April 13

Sunday Night April 13

A wonderful line-up on Sunday Night this week with stories of love, our liver and Hugh Laurie, the highest paid actor in television history.

Love in a Cold Climate on the Little Green Boat That Could
All of us dream – some of us get to live those dreams. This weekend on Sunday Night, Chris Bath takes you on a beautiful, amazing and at times frighteningly dangerous adventure with a remarkable young Aussie couple who decided to do just that. Jess and Chris hadn’t known each other very long when they took the plunge – splashing their entire $20,000 savings on a rickety little 29-foot boat they saw on the internet. It took them months to fix it up before they set out to conquer one of the world’s most dangerous and awesome sailing routes, from Canada through the Northwest Passage to Alaska. What they experience, and the incredible wildlife they film along the way, is only a backdrop to the love story that unfolds on screen. It ends with perhaps the most romantic marriage proposal ever attempted, and how Jess reacts will melt your heart. If you’ve ever toyed with opting out of the rat race to chase your dream this is the story you need to see.

Treat Your Liver Like Your Lover
In a small laboratory in a country far away there lives a rodent that holds the key to transforming the lives of millions of Australians. On Sunday Night we’ll introduce you to this remarkable rat. Six million of us have problems with our liver – it’s the fastest growing disease in the country today. High fat diets, hepatitis and alcohol are the main culprits, but now as Derryn Hinch reports, there is a breakthrough that is bringing hope. A brilliant young Japanese scientist has grown tiny human livers from stem cells and implanted them in the brains of mice to grow. It sounds sci-fi scary but it will mean the end to donor waiting lists and transplants. In the meantime, we reveal the simple steps to cleansing your liver that could just lengthen your life.

House Rules
He was the highest paid actor in television history when he played the role of the cantankerous drug-addicted doctor in the hit series House. Hugh Laurie loved the character but could never quite shake off a feeling of unease – you see his own father was a proper doctor who saved real lives for a fraction of the $18 million a year he got for pretending. Now the series is over, Laurie is coming to Australia this weekend for the first time in 30 years to do what he is most passionate about – play with his blues band. In the most revealing, funny and surprising interview he’s ever given, Laurie takes reporter Rahni Sadler on a piano-playing pastiche of his career highlights. This genuinely lovely bloke has made us laugh alongside his mate Stephen Fry, he’s made our sides split in Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson, but now he faces his biggest challenge.

6.30pm Sunday, April 13 on Channel Seven.