60 Minutes April 13

This weekend 60 Minutes has the inspiring story of John Maclan, eating disorders and  Nazism

No Limits
The tragic tackle which has left rising rugby league star Alex McKinnon with a broken neck and the prospect of never being able to walk again, is a sobering reminder of just how unforgiving spinal injuries can be. John Maclean knows it better than anyone. 25 years ago, he too was an up and coming footy player when he was struck down in the cruelest of ways. While on a training ride on Sydney’s M4 motorway, a truck smashed into John, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Not that life in a wheelchair has held him back. He’s since achieved the most incredible feats – from swimming the English Channel to finishing the Hawaiian ironman. But John has never given up hope of walking again. Now, John’s achieving things that are astounding the medical world and redefining what might be possible for people with spinal injuries.
Reporter: Georgie Gardner
Producer: Garry McNab

Brave Face
There are many faces of courage and the most unlikely people can end up heroes. One such hero is Samantha Barlow. For nearly a decade, she’s been fighting the most terrible eating disorders. But that’s only been half the battle. Because Sam’s also had to endure the unimaginable trauma of being abused by the very person who was supposed to make her well – her psychiatrist, Dr Ming Tan. It was the most appalling breach of trust and Samantha wasn’t the only girl Tan abused. But he wasn’t bargaining on Samantha’s guts and determination to take him on. Sam’s courage would see this sick psychiatrist brought to justice.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Jo Townsend

Greek Tragedy
Nearly 80 years after the end of World War 2 and the downfall of Adolf Hitler, Nazism is very much ‘alive and kicking’ right across Europe. In fact, neo-Nazi groups are on the rise again. They’re well-organised, often violent and they’re muscling into mainstream politics. Nowhere more so than in Greece, where the economic crisis has offered fertile ground for neo-Nazis. The extremist Golden Dawn group is now a dangerous political force, in the country that invented democracy.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.