Suits Returns on Seven

Suits Returns on Seven

It’s nice to finally see Seven return some of their shows that don’t really work in Australia.

Suits will resume with season 2 episode 11 “Blind-Sided.” which aired in January in the US.

With the paint finally scraped from Hardman’s old office door and the struggle of the last few weeks behind them, the lawyers of Pearson Hardman have a little time to reflect, and maybe even celebrate. While Harvey follows his heart to a familiar face, Louis starts the search for a new associate and finds a little romance of a different kind. Meanwhile, Mike hopes a return to work will help get his life back on track, but he soon learns that some of the choices he made in the wake of Grammy’s death – including his affair with Tess – can’t be wiped away so easily.

 10:30pm Tuesday October 15th.on 7




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