Studio 10 March 5

Studio 10 March 5

Tomorrow morning Studio 10 will be hosting a forum on the issues facing our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. 

To share their opinions on what it’s like to be gay in modern Australia, Studio 10 has invited outstanding members of the LGBT community to be a part of the conversation.

Tomorrow’s special guests include Lieutenant Colonel Catherine McGregor, the highest-ranking transgender officer in Australian Defence Force; Peter Fraser and Gordon Stevenson, the first gay couple to legally marry in Australia; Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster; and Senator Penny Wong. 

Almost 40 years on from the 1978 Oxford St protest, where more than 500 people gathered calling for an end to discrimination against homosexuals, our panel and guests will discuss how far Australia has really come in its treatment of the LGBT community.

Studio 10 airs 8:30 AM weekdays on Ten


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