Better Homes and Gardens March 6

Better Homes and Gardens March 6

This week Better Homes and Gardens has a money saving special.

Johanna visits the home of ex-Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, to catch-up on his life post-politics. Plus, it’s money saving time and the team show you how to reduce, re-use and maybe even make a little cash on the side.

Tara, Adam and Better Homes and Gardens’ treasure hunter, Greenie, join forces and become the Three Musketeers of upcycling – giving household junk a designer makeover.  Easy to cook and easy on the wallet, Fast Ed shows us a tasty three-course meal that won’t break the bank.

Karen has the homemade answer to pita chips and dip. Winter is on its way and Graham’s tips will repare your veggie patch for the cold season.

Jason has found his happy place when he visits the garden at Kimbriki Tip – it’s jam packed with great ideas for re-purposing items. Plus, Dr Harry shows us a Border Collie that loves to water-ski but is driving his owner to distraction.

7pm Friday on Seven.