Matthew Le Nevez Departs Offspring

Matthew Le Nevez Departs Offspring

Fans were warned there would be a death but no one was quite prepared for how it went down.

In the end it was Nina’s love Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) who ended up being written out

The episode began with Nina facing her final day of working before she goes on maternity leave. A quick call from her work mates reminded her that it was also the day of her baby shower. After calling off the event due to her ongoing issues with her sister and not wanting to upset her

After some coaxing the baby shower was back on and although Billie didn’t attend she did leave a present on the doorstep. So things while still very much fractured things look   looks set to be resolved next week.

Patrick who had spent the day completing the task of building the crib for their unborn baby was on his way to join the baby shower when tragedy struck. Patrick was walking on the road when he walked into the path of an oncoming car and hit his head on the road. After calling Nina to tell her about the accident. She   insisted on picking him up and taking him to the hospital. On the way there the couple were discussing their plans for the future he lost consensuses

. Nina was as calm as a rock when she called the house to tell Patrick’s sister Kate about the accident unfortunately he sustained a head injury and couldn’t be saved.

In the heartbreaking scenes that took Asher Keddie proved why she deserves every acting award she has ever received for the role.

The death was the first for Offspring in its four seasons. The challenge has been set for the writers and Asher to deliver one of the best episodes of the series next week. While I’m sure there will be some viewer backlash just remember everything happens for a reason.



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