MasterChef Australia Season Five – Heston Leaves…As Does Another Contestant!

Tonight is the last night of Heston’s reign in the MasterChef kitchen before he leaves for good. A bit like one of our unlucky contestants!

Tonight, Noelene, Rishi, Samira and Kelty face elimination. Before anything, Heston shows the contestants how to make his gastronomical challenge. It’s a bacon and egg ice cream! It involves cracking an egg- filled with bacon-flavoured custard into a bowl and freezing it. It is placed on a brioche to look like scrambled eggs on toast with bacon. It tastes like it too- but its ice cream!

So, today’s challenge is NOT to recreate the dish- but take the ideas and create a NEW dish with theatre and ‘Hestonism’. They have 90 minutes and an open pantry. It seems Rishi wants to base his dish around a Chinese tea set and dumplings. Kelty is making a ‘hot totti’- whatever that is!

Noelene is using fish heads for her dish! It’s WOW factor…! Samira is making a…volcano! It consists of pastry, custard, dry ice, sugar syrup and all this other fancy stuff! Looks good. But Samira’s ‘chocolate dirt’ that she wanted to be bitter is too sweet. She has to do it again. Unfortunately, after a second batch, it still isn’t working!

45 minutes remain. Noelene is making a curry paste and wants to turn it into jubes like in the trifle challenge. What? Jellify CURRY?! Meanwhile, Kelty makes a Guinness jam before remembering he needs to make ice cream for his dish. He freaks out and forgets what he needs!

Samira runs out of time and ditches her volcano idea. She decides to go for a shisha effect. Meanwhile, Noelene struggles to jellify her curry.

Kelty has made a tart for his dish- but will be able to present it without breaking it? YES! Go Kelty!

Plating begins before time runs out. Who will be eliminated?

Rishi is first for tasting. He has Szechuan Dumplings. The whole ‘tea’ thing is just an illusion, using aromatics to make them think they’re at a Chinese Tea Party. The funny thing is the dumplings are sweet with a ‘salted caramel’ soy sauce. Heston believes Rishi has absolutely nailed the brief. The judges all agree.

Next for tasting is Kelty. It’s a hot toddie tart with Guinness jam served in a pint to make it look like a glass of Guinness. Now all Kelty has to do is make the ice cream! It works and the judges think the ‘hot toddie’ dessert idea is brilliant. Heston picks up on chewy pastry but thinks he’s done a fantastic job.

Samira is third with her Znoud El Sett. The shisha effect is the dry ice reacting with some scented custard. From the judges’ reactions, it doesn’t take long to realise- they think the dish is FAB!

Noelene is last with her fish heads. Compared with the other dishes, it isn’t very creative though the curry jubes do make the dish look unique. The textures are all off and Heston’s dish is a bit dry. The flavours are good though!

But need we continue? Noelene is eliminated!


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