Sophia farewells The Biggest Loser

South Australian mum Sophia left The Biggest Loser: Transformed  last night amid controversy, as her teammates questioned her efforts before voting her out.

Victorian contestant Jake sparked the conversation when he told host Fiona Falkiner that he felt Sophia’s commitment had dropped off, a sentiment echoed by NSW contestant Simon. Despite Sophia’s protestations, the vote resulted in her departure from the competition.


Not all of her teammates are happy about Sophia’s elimination. Queensland contestant Nikki said: “I love the vibe she brought to my life in the house. And she always put me in a good mood.”


Leaving The Biggest Loser: Transformed HQ, Sophia said: “Being on The Biggest Loser: Transformed has been an amazing experience. Libby has taught me that it’s ok to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to the limits.”


Sophia is now back in Adelaide with her family and is making fitness a part of her everyday life.