John Torode’s Korean Food Tour Comes to Food

Acclaimed Aussie chef John Torode embarks on his latest food adventure in John Torode’s Korean Food Tour, a 10-part cookery series  Next month on Lifestyle Food.

Tapping in to the growing popularity of Korean food, JOHN TORODE’S KOREAN FOOD TOUR follows the UK based MasterChef judge as he jets off on one of his culinary travels to tackle a whole new territory and range of dishes. 

Throughout the series John works his way through some of the nation’s top 100 dishes and then creates his own version of a Korean classic with a modern twist. 

For the uninitiated, South Korea is a beautiful assault on the senses and one that John relishes in the series. From Buddhist temples to the extraordinary craze for Mokbang (celebrities filming and broadcasting themselves eating), there’s a huge amount to see, do and eat.

Immersing himself in both traditional and modern Korea, John travels around South Korea, going into people’s homes and kitchens, enjoying the wealth and high tech splendour of Seoul to the tiny rural outposts deep in the mountains and the beach resort of Busan in the South.

From traditional Tofu makers, to the extraordinary quantities of Kimchi made every autumn for Korean store cupboards, to the Korean version of glamping with delicious barbecue food, as well as the Buddhist monks who make barugongyang for their guests, the series is a gastronomic feast,  not just for John but for viewers as well.

John Torode is a hugely popular and influential figure on the UK culinary circuit, best known as the straight-talking co-host and judge of twelve seasons of BBC1’s MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef.   Australian by birth, John is credited as one of the main players in introducing Australasian food to the UK in the mid-1990s.

John is also well known to Australian audiences, with John Torode Australia and John Torode’s Malaysian Adventure having previously aired on Lifestyle FOOD.  His latest adventure, JOHN TORODE’S KOREAN FOOD TOUR, premieres Wednesday, April 26 at 8.30pm on Lifestyle FOOD.