Sonya and Hadil removed from the table on My Kitchen Rules (updated)

It was teased since January and now we know that it was Sonys and  Hadil who were excused from the My Kitchen Rules dinner table.

After an awkward dinner party at Henry and Anna’s last night ,  Tenison was in the air at Kim and Sunog’s tonight with the outspoken duo clearly having an issuie with sisters Jess and Emma all season long.

As teams  were waiting for the judges Sonya and Hadil  took their first swipe at the sisters stating

“The fact they are sitting here is an insult to anyone that can cook,’ Hadil said quietly to her Sonya within the first five minutes of being seated.” Jess and Emma to their credit stayed silent.   Sonya & Hadil keep pushing Jess & Emma’s buttons “Just keep laughing at them and then they’ll explode” revealing their master plan. After some time and more taunts

After Jess overheard a taunt by Hadil comparing the pair to ‘a no-frills cheapo princess’, she stormed out of the dining room, announcing: ‘Seriously! I can’t do this.’

‘Sit down! You think you’re a princess, but a real princess wears diamonds, not cubic zirconias,’ Sonya yelled across the room. At that moment, Jess turned to point a harsh finger at the pair, asking them: ‘You think you’re funny?!’

Smirking as Jessica finally took the bait, Hadil taunted her by saying, ‘Bye, blowfish!’, as Emma finally snapped: ‘You look like bubba Gump, seriously!’ Refusing to acknowledge her, Hadil childishly turned to Sonya and remarked: ‘Is the blowfish gasping for air?’

‘I’ve got a really good doctor you can go too fix your ugly face,’ Hadil added, as Emma hit back: ‘You need to go to a doctor, because you have serious issues!’

Teams tried to defuse the situation with Jazzey asking Hadil to ‘stop being so rude’ and Josh asking them to have respect for hosts Kim and Suong. Jess returned to the table, however, Hadil continued They don’t belong in top eight, because they can’t cook!’. After refusing to hold their tounges Sonya and Hadil continued threatening to come for all the contestants at the table  because you’re all disrespectful a***holes.

Manu stepped in, saying: ‘Enough! Things have got too out of hand, this is a cooking competition, and this behaviour is unacceptable. Sonya and Hadil, you are excused from the table!’
While Sonya and Hadil were not seen for the rest of the evening it remains unclear of their place in the competition with the aftermath to be shown on Sunday Night.
Update April 24  Sonya and Hadil have officially been eliminated from the competition with their scores now erased from the previous rounds.