Bachelor in Paradise has a shock return

Tonight there were new arrivals in paradise but a blast from the past made a surprising return.

The dust had settled after last night’s rose ceremony but Elora was still feeling hurt and humiliated after Eden’s prank.

Keira questioned if it was wise for Elora to have kept Eden around and Megan wondered whether she had missed an opportunity in getting to know Canadian Thomas better.

Paradise received a shake-up with the arrival of familiar bachelorette beauties Rachael and Sasha. Apollo’s abs had Sasha mesmerised and Rachael was instantly starstruck by Jared.   Everyone was eager for Rachael to chat to Jared, as they felt it was time to put a stop to Leah stringing him along. While she did feel an initial spark with Jared, Rachael thought she would test the waters with Apollo.

Keira received her first date card of the season and chose Jarrod to join her for a game of touch rugby with the local kids. The chemistry between the pair was evident and they discussed what their relationship might look like outside of paradise.

The green-eyed monster raised its head in Simone, who struggled to watch Rachael and Apollo flirt during a game of beach volleyball. Talking to Sam and Tara, Simone said she thought Rachael looked like a penguin and had stop herself from making more nasty comments.

In an attempt to steer her away from Apollo, Simone took Rachael aside and encouraged her to make a move on Jared. Much to the dismay of Leah, Rachael enjoyed a deep conversation with him in the water over sunset.

Jared asked Leah for a chat next to a bonfire and she opened up to him about how she was feeling. Jared wondered if it was too little, too late.

Osher made a surprise visit and asked to take Megan away from the island. His move sent shock waves through paradise and Jake’s mind went in to overdrive as he wondered what it meant.  Away from the island, Megan was pleasantly surprised to see Thomas standing next to Osher.

The pair headed off for a romantic dinner, during which they could not deny their powerful chemistry. A late night dip in the ocean after dinner led to a stemy and passionate kiss.

When Megan walked back into paradise with Thomas, the remaining contestants had a lot of unanswered questions. Noticing an instant change in her behaviour, Jake stormed off with Megan frantically following.

Tomorrow night on Bachelor In Paradise, the fallout from Thomas’ return begins, one bachelorette threatens to leave, another is sent home for good.