Sneaky Celebs Smuggle Contraband Into Camp.

Sneaky Celebs Smuggle Contraband Into Camp.

Waking up to his first morning in camp, Colin was immediately put to work cooking breakfast. Excited that a chef had arrived, the hungry celebs commended him on his outstanding oats.

The treats kept on coming as everyone’s luxury items landed in camp. From the sentimental to the practical, there were tears and shrieks of joy all round at seeing something from home. The celebrities revealed their craftiness by sewing contraband into their luxury items and sneaking them into camp.

Arriving at Mount Sausageiosko for the It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want A Sausage Roll trial, Colin, Paulini and Travis entered the Hungry Games. Tasked with navigating the treacherous terrain to place their sausage roll at the top to score the best meal was no mean feat.

As the ultra-slime caused havoc on the mountain, Travis used a leaping tactic to secure first place, leaving Paulini and Colin to follow suit, both scoring second and third.

Back at camp, Paulini showed off her battle scars and the results were revealed. Not fazed by the green team losing, Abbie revealed her tasty treats for Colin to cook with hidden in her luxury item Pillow Pete.

Dinner arrived and while the red team gorged on sausage rolls and tomato sauce, Colin offered his services to the blue team to cook their meal.

Post dinner chat turned to a suspected romance blooming between Abbie and Ash. Colin posed as the bookie taking everyone’s bets to guess when the hook up would happen.

While the celebs slept, Grant was sent on a secret mission Quiet As A Mouse. Dressed as a mouse with squeaky shoes, he had to make it to his bed without raising suspicion so he could score the ultimate feast of cheese.

Next week sees a camp finally united on Sunday night’s episode.