Siren Sounds On Shaun’s Survivor Game.

<strong>Siren Sounds On Shaun’s Survivor Game.</strong>

nother day, another ruthless blindside on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

Delirious with power, King George sought to continue his reign with the Vigilante’s alliance solid as a rock, leaving Simon, Shaun and Nina floating at the bottom of the tribe.

On tonight’s Reward Challenge the castaways had to build a tower of blocks only using their feet. Simon came out on top and will be driving out of Samoa in a brand-new Isuzu D-Max.

Treating himself to a Reward picnic, Simon made a surprise move and decided to take Hayley, Matt and Nina with him. As they relished in a delicious feed, Hayley realised the need to start weakening the power of the King and revealed George’s biggest secret that he won the 60K Set For Life challenge.

The Immunity Challenge left Nina and Shaun battling it out in a thigh test to the death, as they were required to stay locked in a squat position to prevent their idol from falling. Nina took out Immunity, making her the first Twine to ever win an Immunity Challenge.

A split vote was on tonight’s table with George feeling confident about his plan to finally take out Simon. However, Queen Hayley had different plans and decided to play a big move.

At Tribal Council, in a classic blindsiding move Hayley chose to save Simon, blowing George’s plan out of the water and swinging the deciding vote to Shaun, making the challenge beast the sixteenth person voted out on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.


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